Safety Engineering

Calgary Oil & Gas Engineering Management

Safety Engineering

VZFOX Canada Engineering provides engineering services to supplement sour operations. We also work closely with various teams and organizations from different business sectors (operators, engineering companies, fabricators, etc) to provide quality and reliable services maximizing value to our clients.


Areas of Service:

  1. Develop and maintain corporate emergency response plans (ERP)
  2. Calculate H2S release rate
  3. Establish emergency planning zones (EPZ)
  4. Risk assessment and mitigation plan
  5. High-level engineering review
  6. Corporate HSE manuals and procedures
  7. Secure the required approvals and authorizations

VZFOX Canada Engineering also brings experience in managing oilfield wastes generated at facility sites, transportation and treatment of the oilfield wastes and appropriate disposal of oilfield wastes in compliance with industry best practices.

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